1984 Takamine GX-100TB Explorer Style



Fairly rare bird, only the 2nd one I’ve had and like the last one it has a great neck that sets up with action that’s so low the strings can almost rest on the frets, and no fretting out on bends anywhere. Little info is available on Tak’s electrics other than they produced a line of electrics briefly in the 80’s, consisting of guitars with body shapes that were based loosely on an SG, Melody Maker, Strat, Destroyer, and a crazy shaped, highly modified explorer style of their own design. This GX-100 is obviously based on the Gibson Explorer, although with a more comfortable beveled edge and a slightly scaled down body size. These were built in Japan’s Matsumoku factory with typically superb 80’s Japan quality. It’s your basic dual humbucker with a 3-way, volume, and tone, and sounds very good with nice sustain and a fairly beefy tone. I don’t know what the body wood is but it’s an extremely light guitar so I doubt that it’s mahogany. Cosmetically it has plenty of dings in the body but no cracks or structural issues. If you’re looking for a comfortable explorer style with quality construction – or a fan of 80’s Japan guitars – this is one phenomenal player for $299.


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