1985 Kramer Vanguard



This is an absolutely *killer* playing guitar and like the Pacer above, definitely clean enough for a vintage Kramer collection. Originally released in 1981 as a Flying V shaped body, thus the “V”anguard name, in 1985 it was changed to the popular half-V shape popularized by Randy Rhoads and his signature Jackson model – while the headstock changed from the chicken-beak, AKA “Classic” to the more popular hockey stick seen on this model. I believe this to be the most desirable year with all the best features, i.e. Rhoads shape with hockey stick, dual hums, and Floyd – and ’85 was the only year it came with these features. In ’86, its last year, it was produced with the pointy headstock. Finished in Metallic Blue with a gloss finish that still shines like new, it’s also equipped with the original Gotoh tuners with the set screw at 6 o’clock angle. Other notable features: headstock has the brown stain around the edge, found on around 1/2 of the necks from the hockey-stick era; Floyd is in very clean shape; Schaller pickups which I believe are “Golden 50’s”, sound excellent; frets are in great shape and action is low from the first to the top fret. Worst flaw (shown here) is a rub on the end of the headstock, not visible from the front, only worth mentioning because the guitar is otherwise in spectacular shape. Even the points, notorious for having finish chips even on a lightly played example, are in clean shape (shown here). Overall, in extremely clean shape, around an 8.5 or a 9+ on a vintage scale, with action as nice as any Kramer you’ve seen. I’ve seen people asking crazy money for this era Kramer but this one is priced within the range of more players and it would be great to see this fall into the hands of a working guitarist, someone who can appreciate it night after night. For a vintage Vanguard in this condition, a very nice buy at $699.Includes original case, trem arm, and warranty card.


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