1986 Kramer American Pacer Custom,



A real beauty in Flip-Flop Blue, which, depending on the viewing angle, can appear blue, purple, or burgundy (as shown in 2nd pic above). As I’ve mentioned before, these were my dream guitars when I worked at Hotlicks in the 80’s, but at $799, were around a month’s salary so I had to resign myself to Striker or Focus lines. On the higher end metal guitar line, Kramer Americans outsold all other brands we carried by a mile. Having an EVH endorsement likely had a lot to do with that but the fact is they’re great shredding guitars with quality Schaller hardware, including a real German-made Floyd Rose and Schaller tuners – plus Seymour Duncan pickups (JB and two Vintage Staggered). All original other than the bridge pickup is a later JB but I might have a mid-80’s JB (without the lettering) that we can swap out at a small cost. Features individual pickup selectors plus a coil tap switch for virtually any combination of tones. This guitar is in exceptional condition with virtually no player’s wear other than a tiny bit of wear to the low E fine tuner; overall a collector-approved 9.8 condition. It’s as clean as some of the floor models at G.C. We sold these new in ’86 for $799 but this super clean example is cheaper than it cost back in the ’80’s – just $750 for this beauty. Includes all 3 Floyd tools, complete Schaller strap lock system, and the *real* original case. (I see a lot of Focus cases being sold as “original” for American series but the proper case is this one with black tolex, leather ends, with white piping, made by TKL.)


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