1991 Fender American Standard Stratocaster – Sunburst



Very nice semi-vintage Strat from the peak of the silver logo era. Some of you noted the E9 serial which frequently are ’89, but more often are ’90 or 91 like this one. Since the pots are dated ’91, it obviously couldn’t have left the factory two years before the pots were made so it’s obviously a ’91. Strats during this era are hit and miss. Too many of them have bad necks with humps, twists, or max’d out truss rods. If you find one without any neck issues, after 20+ years it’s likely done all the changing it’s going to do so you have a Strat that’s going to be player friendly for life. This is one of those. Plays great, looks great, sounds like a Strat should We’re going to remove the headstock stain (shown above) and spray a few coats of nitro clear coat over the front of the headstock. Judging by cosmetics and frets, this guitar has seen very little use. No buckle rash or major scratches anywhere on the body. Frets are in great shape, Action is low and doesn’t choke out on bends. Just a nice older Strat in a popular 50’s look, sunburst and maple. Within the next few years these are likely going to take off but still a good buy today at $850. Includes Fender red-badge case.


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