1999 Fender American Vintage ’57 Stratocaster – Aztec Gold,




The AV57 and AV62 are no longer in production, although the American Vintage series continues with the ’56, ’59, and ’65 Strats. This ’57 is finished in fairly rare Aztec Gold and exhibits no actual player’s wear, although, like the last Aztec ’57 I had, there are a few finish chips around the neckplate and just a few pin prick impressions on the top. It’s barely very noticeable except on close inspection. It’s otherwise in flawless condition with no scratches or player’s wear.  The V57’s have a great feeling one-piece V-neck and the cool thing about these guitars is with the thin nitro finish, you’ll get honest relic wear on the fretboard as time passes, unlike the thick poly finishes which never wear through. Hand-beveled magnets on this model and the tone is one of the best actual vintage tones that Fender produced during the modern era. It’s not your hot SRV tone – nor a quiet but sterile “modern” tone –  but a very mellow bell tone, like the original models are famous for. It’s outfitted with the 5-way switch for the maximum tone options. Other features include vintage 7.25″ fretboard radius, 1.65″ nut width, master volume with neck and middle tone controls, American Vintage tremolo with steel saddles and heavy trem block, Fender/Gotoh vintage tuners, nickel/chrome hardware, synthetic bone nut, and single-ply white pickguard.  This model wasn’t available in Aztec Gold for very long and this is the only second one I’ve ever had in this color.  This beautiful USA Vintage ’57, is set up and ready to rock, for just $1099. Includes tweed case with keys, ash tray trem cover, and trem arm.  Did I mention that it’s 7.6 lbs?  Nice light weight for a solid Alder body Strat.


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