2001 Gibson SG Special – Gloss Black



The SG Special provides the classic SG tone, but without the cosmetic features of a Standard, it’s a better bargain. It features an un-bound neck, dot inlays, screened logo, and uncovered pickups, but is otherwise the same guitar. Its all mahogany construction with unmistakable beveled edges gives it that classic warm SG tone that has helped define the sound of rock, most notably with Angus Young. The light weight, thin body, and deep cutaways make it one of the most comfortable guitars to play. Pickups are 490R/490T Alnico humbuckers. The neck is well rounded and on the chunky side, but not as chunky as a 50’s style.Don’t confuse this with the faded series, which are good guitars in their own right, but this is the gloss finish model which sells new for a $1K. For more info click here for Gibson’s site. A new Special in black or cherry is going to set you back $999 but this one’s in excellent condition with a great set up for just $679 with the older & better Gibson wedge-shaped gigbag


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