2002 PRS CE 22 Maple – McCarty Burst



Looking for a quality Core model PRS at under a grand? Here you go. Not the cleanest PRS I’ve had but looks good from the audience and no major cosmetic issues. Only mod is McCarty switching in place of the 5-way rotary, i.e. 3-way switch and push/pull tone pot for 6 killer tones. My favorite PRS of all time happened to be a CE finished in orange that I foolishly sold around 15 years ago. They’re great guitars. This one is finished in McCarty Burst, rather rare for a CE. Features include carved mahogany body with carved maple top, gloss finish, Dragon II pickups, PRS tremolo, PRS locking tuners, quarter-sawn maple neck with wide-fat carve and moon inlays. Many players prefer the feel and tone of PRS’s bolt-on’s and, in fact, the list price on the CE22 Maple was just $50 under the set-neck PRS Standard. Cosmetically there’s plenty of buckle wear but it’s in the clear coat only, nothing down to the wood. A few of the bridge saddles have worn nickel plating, and a few minor indents on the top. Frets have been dressed and we’re going to put a fresh round crown on them before it ships. It’s an excellent player with a tone that will cover a wide range of Gibson and Fender tones. This model sold at discount for $2139 when last produced a few years ago. It’s an excellent buy today at just $950. Includes PRS case and trem arm.


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