2013 Fender Deluxe Roadhouse Stratocaster


Upscale model that features an incredible number of tones thanks to Fender’s new V6 switch. By appearances this is simply a nice vintage styled Strat but with an ingenious electronics package it’s much more. Specifically, it’s equipped with a set of Texas Special cloth-wire pickups, an S-1 switch (built into the volume knob) and a V6 rotary knob (disguised in the first tone knob position). The S-1 switch bypasses the preamp for traditional Strat tones but in the preamp active position you get 6 tonal variations (think Gibson Varitone) for all 5 stops on the pickup selector switch. It’s cool! Other features include a traditional Strat tremolo (later models were floating) with bent steel saddles, Fender Ping tuners, easy access 9V battery door on back, aged plastic parts, and large 70s style headstock. This one even has some nice flame on the headstock and back of the neck! This is a version 1 model. Version 2 has locking tuners, 2-point tremolo, and Noiseless pickups, updates which may or may not appeal to you. Other than a tiny indent on the upper horn, it’s in brand new condtion with zero scratches or wear. There are two mods: pickguard changed to 3-ply white (from white pearl) and cavities have been finished with shielding paint. I can’t find the color choices for version 1 models but I’m guessing the color is Daphne Blue, although it looks greenish-blue in some light. Sells new for $799. Get this beautiful one with a killer in-house set up for less. Just $549. Includes Fender deluxe gigbag and paperwork.


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