2017 PRS SE Custom 24 – Scarlet Red FMT,



Immaculate condition and the best “bang for the buck” PRS made. This is one of the newer models with “bent” top that brings it even closer to the Core model CU24 in appearance and comfort. As I’ve mentioned before, PRS and perhaps Brian Moore, make the best quality Korean imports on the market in my opinion. Unlike 95% of the other companies, they don’t use Cort or Samick factories, and their quality control is top notch with impeccable fit and finish, excellent pickups and electronics, and quality hardware. Most of all, I’m impressed with the fact that they have great necks that set up better than your average USA Fender or Gibson. The Custom 24 is relatively new to the SE line. For under $800/new these guitars are exceptional in terms of looks, tone, and feel. The 24-fret wide-thin neck is a joy to play with low action, easy and smooth string bends, with quality tone and very good sustain. Unlike most imports which use only a maple veneer, PRS chose to use an actual maple slab mounted to the mahogany body, and then put a veneer of flamed maple on top of the maple cap. It is the marriage between mahogany and maple that gives guitars like Les Pauls, and this PRS, their wonderful throaty tone. This classic blend produces yields warmth and resonance with excellent bottom end – and plenty of high end snap. A guitar with only a maple veneer will not have this tone. Other nice touches like the bird fretboard inlays, headstock shape, PRS tremolo, and natural maple binding make this look like it’s USA brother but at around 1/4 the cost. These run $759 new. This one is in unplayed condition and offers an exceptional value at  $529. Includes PRS gigbag, store COA, polishing cloth and trem arm.


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