ca. 1974 Mansfield Telecaster Bass Copy




Another beauty from the land of the rising sun, and like the Teisco below, survived almost 40 years with very little wear. It presents itself nearly as well as the Teisco, other than finish checking on the back (as shown here), four finish check lines on the front, and some light rubs on the edge of the body. Frets are immaculate and there is zero player’s wear Mansfield was a brand used by a Canadian importer in the 70’s and the actual factory that built the is debatable. You’ll find claims that these were built by Ibanez but a customer informed me that, while Gakki was the supplier of Mansfield, they farmed out the build and this one was made by Moridaira at the Morris plant in Nagano Japan Morris also built Hohner, as well as the H.S. Anderson and Bill Lawrence a few years later. Mansfield were fairly widespread in the UK in the 70’s, branded as “Jedson“, “Zenta“, and others. Here’s link of an identical model branded “Zenta” in the 1974 Bell Music (UK) catalog. This is a pretty cool copy of a Tele bass but rather than a dead knockoff, they based the lines, not on a Fender Tele Bass, but on a Tele guitar with a similar body style, pickguard, and control plate. This is a short scale, 30″, which is great for smaller players or guitarists converting to bass. It doesn’t feel as short as other short scales I’ve had so any bassist should be able to enjoy playing it. It features dual single coil pickups with exposed pole pieces, located in middle and neck rather than bridge and neck. Controls are on/off switch for each pickup as well as master volume and tone controls. A bright chrome bridge cover conceals a Fender vintage style bridge with four stainless barrel saddles. Pickguard and control plate are both 3-ply WBW, with a thumb rest attached below the G string. It has an adjustable truss rod with access easily accessible via a cutout in the pickguard and a zero fret. The 3-tone sunburst finish looks very close to the sunburst Fender was using during this era with a thin band of red between the black and yellow. This bass has a surprisingly nice tone that can easily cut it in a band situation. After Martin did his magic it also plays great as well. Just a nice old short scale Tele style in lovely vintage condition for $275.



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