Fender Squier Affinity Bronco Bass – Black




Cool little short-scale bass that’s perfect for the players who are small in stature, or any guitarist transitioning to bass. If you’ve never played a 30″ scale, which is around 4″ shorter than most full scale basses, you’re in for a treat, especially on a bass that weighs under 6 lbs. For beginner players, or players transitioning from guitar to bass, they’re much easier to learn on, and even experienced players appreciate them because they’re just plain fun to play. The current model Bronco has specs very similar to the old Musicmaster bass so we’ve “turned” a few of these into” Musicmasters (as shown here). You have to admit, it definitely has the vibe of a 60s/70s Fender. You can buy these new for $149 but they’ll play badly and possibly have issues. This used one is in immaculate condition, with a pro set up and just $115, or more with a logo job


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