Fender Squier Strat – Black – Upgraded Pickups



Nice playing Chinese import Affinity Squier with a cool look and quality tone. Fender is producing some very good quality guitars from their China factory. They’re playability is vastly superior to the older Korean Squiers and they don’t use plywood as they did on the early MIK models. Generally speaking, they necks are consistently excellent, which allows for a setup that usually rivals the USA models. This one has had a few upgrades including an authentic looking 60’s Trans logo installed, all the plastic has been switched out to black, including pickguard, knobs, covers, and backplate, but more importantly, the stock ceramic pickups have been swapped out with an Alnico HSS set from MightyMite. The body is factory routed for a humbucker so no routing was required. You can get these MightyMite guards, complete, for around $120 and it will improve the tone of any budget model Strat 100%. The humbucker tone is fat and totally quiet, while the single coils are hotter than the stock ceramics with more articulation, more of the “Texas” tone that most players prefer. Cosmetically it has its share of scratches and dings but nothing horrible, and the frets are in perfect shape so I doubt that it’s actually been played very much. If you’re looking for an inexpensive Strat with “the look”, quality tone, and nice setup, this one will get you there for just $179.


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