Hi-Watt Custom 7 Hand-Wired Combo



Model SA110, designed and manufactured in Hi-Watt’s Custom shop in England. The Custom 7 is a little 7-watt Class A with a 10″ Fane speaker that features the legendary English hand-wired construction of Hiwatt’s Classic Series. Designed specifically for the home and studio environments, where you want to drive an amp into the “sweet spot” without driving neighbors crazy, it is truly the classic Hiwatt sound in a small package. Using a Single-ended output stage with two ECC-83’s and one EL-84 together, it features Master Volume control, individual Gain, Bass, Mid and Treble controls, High and Low inputs. The Boost knob pulls out to get a higher gain tone at lower volumes and when pegged all the way, it still puts the amp over the top. It’s a very simple circuit but built with quality components throughout. A look inside reveals point- to-point hand wiring, turret tag boards (no printed circuits), and hand laced wiring harnesses. The power and output transformers are manufactured by Partridge, the original 1970’s supplier to the original design sheets. The components and wires are the modern available equivalents of the vintage components, 1-watt carbon resistors, and wound polyester capacitors. They even use Fane speakers, just as they did back in the early days. For Hi-Watt’s site info, click here. A quality amp of this design isn’t cheap. This little baby lists at $2899 and sells at $1969 to $2100 at discount. This amp appears to have seen zero use and could easily be sold s new. Offered here for just $1379.



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