Lovepedal Pickle Vibe



Early model without graphics.  Another tiny Lovepedal with a huge sound.  Delivers on thick, lush vibe sounds straight out of the 60’s and although it’s not just another Uni-Vibe circuit, the application is pretty much the same.  Extremely simple to use with only a speed control on the outside, complete with a large knob that can be turned with your foot.  There is, however, an intensity trim pot on the inside.  The trim is a very sensitive adjustment, but once you get it dialed in to taste, it’s set it and forget it.  A pair of LED’s let you know when it’s turned on, with the second LED keeping time with the sweep, making it easy to sync with beat.  The small footprint is useful on pedalboards, where real estate is at a premium.  A video is worth a thousand words; click here for a good demo.  Excellent sounding Vibe, and just $79.


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