Truetone M7 Acoustic Pickup System



Looking for a quality pickup system for your prized acoustic that won’t require any permanent mods? The Truetone M7, made in USA, is highly regarded by acoustic players, and can be installed with non-invasive Velcro. Truetone is no longer in business but has amassed a large following of fans who were fortunate enough to acquire one of these before production was stopped. The M7 is a 3-way system with a bridge Piezo ‘pickup’ which mounts on the bridge plate, plus “Hi” and “Low” mics which you place in the upper and lower bouts, respectively. They’re all mixed at the preamp which has dials for high mic, low mic, and master volume, as well as knobs for bridge plate volume and bridge plate tone. It comes complete with everything you need to install. Rather than a metal end-pin tube, it comes with a standard-looking endpin that houses an 1/8″ jack, which you can connect to a short adapter cable that takes it to a standard 1/4″ cable. Click here for reviews on Harmony-Central. There are very few of these in circulation and users swear by them. Sold for $400 new, but this one’s complete and a quality unit for $225.


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