About Us

Chris’ Guitarsspecializing in semi-vintage and clean utility guitars and basses within the price range of working musicians.  My inventory generally leans toward Fender and Gibson, though I usually have a supply of PRS, Gretsch, Ibanez Guild, Martin, Taylor, Jackson, etc., as well as an assortment of moderately priced–but very playable–less famous brands. I also have 100’s of effects, tons of amps, PA/recording gear, and even some keyboard gear.  Our price system is designed to keep prices below book value, rather than amassing a huge collection of full retail priced merchandise.  On Vintage gear and higher end items, I tend to deal in all-original pieces but do my best to identify questionable features so there are no surprises when your new guitar arrives at your home. I’m always looking for trades. Thanks for checking out my web site and if you have any questions, please click on my email address above or at the top of any of the pages or give me a call…I’d like to take a moment to thank all of my customers who have made my humble little site such a phenomenal success, especially my valued regular customers—you are the greatest…

Regards, Chris Grimmett, Owner

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