1960’s Sorrento Hollowbody


“Lawsuit” headstock! A real “under the bed” beauty and a good quality Japan archtop. What sets this apart from its near pristine condition, is the Gibson “open-book” headstock, which was a no-no in terms of import shortly after this model was imported, the superb action – many of these don’t have the best necks and are best used for slide guitar, and the obvious beautiful condition. No player’s wear, very little finish checking, finish shines like new – a solid 9+ condition. A pair of single coil pickups sound very good and aren’t prone to feedback with moderate gain settings. Just a sounding, killer playing vintage Japan hollowbody and quite a find in this condition. Vintage Japan guitars finally started taking off a few years ago but they’re still quite affordable especially when you consider they can be had for LESS than new Korean Epi’s, Deans, Samick, etc. $379 takes this one.


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