1965 Gibson EB-0




Desirable mid-60’s era EB-0 in all original condition. Gibson has always chased Fender in bass guitars, never gaining the popularity of the P or J basses, but they have a cool tone and these EB-0’s with their short scale and narrow neck width are great for guitarists making the change to bass.  When I was a youngster an EB was my dream bass, probably because Jack Bruce in his Cream days played one and he showed what a mahogany bass could sound like. This bass is 100% original with no touch-ups or overspray on the finish, all original solder joints, and pots both dated to mid-’65, which agrees with the serial number. It has the complete original bridge, including string mute. Please note that the bridge can be lowered if the mute is removed but it’s still a decent player in stock condition. Other than finish checking this bass is in remarkably nice shape and hasn’t seen a lot of playing time. The only real wear is a spot on the back where the finish is missing, but frets are perfect so I’m guessing it’s seen little playing time. Heritage Cherry frequently fades to brown or a weak red but this finish is as strong as you’ll find. Pickguard (pic) is missing a small corner and is cracked on another (we can fix for free). It has a nice set up and like the SG, the kind of tone that is sweeter by virtue of 50 year old wood. At $1399 it’s a great price for a ’65 in this condition and around the same price as a recent reissue. When it comes down to it, I can’t imagine buying a new instrument when you can get a comparable vintage model at a comparable price.  Includes original semi-hard case with plush red lining, with one hasp missing but otherwise in nice shape.


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