1967 Yairi B2 Classical,



Excellent value in a solid top classical. Our tech, Martin, has taken classical lessons for years and I always turn to him for opinions on nylon string guitars. He says this one sounds very good, with excellent action. It features a solid spruce top, which is critical in classical/flamenco style. I’m not an authority on the Yairi name, other than all of them are quality Japan-made guitars. From what I read on the web K. Yairi and Sadao/Sada. Yairi both learned guitar making from S’s uncle, also named Sadao. I believe this one to be built by S. Yairi, who built guitars under the names Sadao Yairi, Yairi Gakki, S. Yairi, and Sada Guitar. Cosmetically, it has a number of minor flaws but no cracks or structural issues and is in nice shape for 45+ years. For a solid top Japan classical that’s good enough for the intermediate player it’s a nice value at $250.


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