1983 Fender Precision Gold Elite 1



I get in plenty of Elite Strats and Teles, but the P-Bass Elite is an even more rare model, produced only in ’83 and early ’84, and a model that stood as the Cadillac of Fender’s bass line. The bass line consisted of the Elite I and II, with the latter having two sets of P pickups; the Gold Elite I and II, with gold hardware; and the Walnut Elite II, with a solid Walnut body, offered only as a II model with gold hardware Body on this one finished in Natural Ash. Like the 6-string models, the Elite’s featured new active electronics and new Schaller hardware including deluxe tuners, fine-tune bridge, and locking strap pins, as well as a new bi-flex truss rod. Other differences between the Elite and the Standard models include wider spacing between the control knobs and side-mounted output jack. The pickups single coils wired to be noise canceling, providing the fat P-bass tone, but with less hum and interference, wired to an active preamp with new tone circuitry powered by a 9V battery, easily accessible via its own cavity on the back. In addition to the volume control, the Elite uses a TBX pot, which acts as a normal (roll-off) tone pot from the center detent turning backwards, or a treble/mid boost turning forward from the detent. You’ve never heard a brighter sounding P-bass with the TBX engaged, while retaining all the fat bottom end you want in a P. The battery access screws use brass inserts to prevent wood stripping. A mini 2-way was installed as a kill switch to turn off the circuit and improve battery life, and knobs, which I believe should be the F-caps with ribbed plastic sides, are replaced with standard gold Fender P-bass knobs Otherwise, appears to be all original other than one of the saddle intonation screws. This bass hasn’t seen much use and is in very clean shape, especially for nearly 30 years, with minimal scratches or gold wear. Frets are in great shape and it has a great setup. The neck profile is shallow, with very small shoulders. The case is in good shape except for the top of the center latch is missing, but the two end latches hold it just fine. Case is the blue-lined tolex that I believe were used on Fenders destined for Canada back in the day so it might be original. Some of these are excessively heavy and at 10 lbs. on the nose, this one’s medium weight for an Elite. All in all, a very lovely bass that should appeal to most P-bass fans, plus players looking for a Precision with more than one tone $1099.


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