1995 Marshall JTM60 1X12 Combo


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Incredible value in an all-tube Marshall amp. This feature packed combo was introduced in 1995 and combined Marshall’s classic sounds with many modern features. The JTM60 (changed to JTM600 in ’97) came in four models, all under the JTM60 model name: this JTM612 with 1X12; JTM610 with 3X10’s; JTM622 with 2X12’s, and the JTM615 with 1X15. All were loaded with special designed Celestion Heritage speakers. This line was aimed at the amateur, semi-pro, and pro player, with features that made it equally well suited for the stage, practice room, or studio. Each channel has its own 3-band EQ plus its own reverb, a deep and natural spring reverb, so you can dial in the right amount for your clean or overdrive settings. In the rear this amp features both series AND parallel effects loops, extension speaker outs, a Master Presence control, DI output utilizing Marshall’s acclaimed speaker emulation. The Normal channel is not your regular Marshall clean, which was pretty much “less overdrive” and actually delivers a nice glassy tone that’s great for blues, or cranked up, a nice Bluesbreaker tone. Many players will find every tone they need on the Clean channel and when pegged out, the tone has similar gain to a pegged Deluxe Reverb. The Boost channel is loaded with the vintage drive that Marshall is famous for, and even more gain than vintage Marshalls. It cranks out 60 watts through either 8 or 16 ohms, which means you can run this with a 16 ohm cab and get the same power output as with the internal Heritage G12 only. Click here for a YouTube demo – it’s the 3X10 version but it’ll give you an idea of the range of clean and overdrive tones. This amp is in beautiful shape; appears to have never seen a gig or logged any club hours. The tubes, a pair of EL34’s and four ECC83’s, sound fine and this amp needs nothing. I’m also including a nice high quality formfit cover for it. For tone, condition and features, this is a hard amp to beat for $549.


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