1997 Ibanez SR406 Soundgear 6 String Bass – Black




Excellent quality Korean 6-string in one of the most popular bass series of all time. Ibanez Soundgear have stood the test of time and from my experience, they’re the 2nd most popular basses, behind Fenders P and J basses. The higher end models like the SR406 have higher end features than the vintage style Fenders, having been designed in the 90’s instead of 5 decades ago. Don’t get me wrong, Fenders are fantastic basses but in terms of versatility, it’s hard to beat Ibanez’ active tone circuit with 3-band EQ, volume, mix, and DX6 pickups. This allows you to dial in a wide variety of tones to suit the song or compensate for the venue Want the big bottom of a Precision – just boost the bass and cut the mids and highs; for a Jazz, boost the mids, etc With its body of light American maple with a clear gloss finish, this looks like a bass player’s bass. Add in a thin but very wide fretboard and deep cutaways and you have a neck that’s very easy to get around on – from the first fret to the top For a bunch of reviews, click here for Harmony-Central where it scored a 9 overall. This bass plays well and sounds fantastic. If you’re thinking about moving up to a 6, you don’t have to spend 4 paychecks to get a quality one. These ran around $900 new but this used one’s in nice shape for its age and a bargain at just $399.




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