2001 Samick Greg Bennett Design D-9 Dreadnought with Baggs pickup



Samick “Imperial Series” maple dreadnought equipped with a Baggs M1 soundhole pickup ($139 new) connected to an endpin jack. The M1 clamps down without alteration to the guitar so it’s easily removable if you don’t want it for some reason. It’s a passive pickup so no battery is required, and the pole pieces are individually adjustable to match your guitar’s frequency response. For a passive system it has very good volume and works great plugged into a hi-z input on your amp. I find it much more warmer and more natural than a saddle Piezo system. The D-9 is one of the acclaimed Greg Bennett designs. Although Samick is the largest manufacturer in the world, their own brand was lagging behind until they brought Greg onboard and he has turned the company around with the Samick-branded instruments. The D-9 features a solid spruce top with laminated maple sides and back, with a maple neck. It’s nicely appointed, with abalone trim along the entire soundboard edge, as well as an abalone rosette, cross inlays, and Grover tuners. Tonally the solid spruce contributes to a lively sounding tone. It’s also fairly warm sounding for maple, not too far from mahogany to my ears. Set up is very comfortable throughout the register. Cosmetically it’s in very nice shape with the only flaw being a 1/4″ crack (shown here) in the sound hole that we’ve glued and will never be a problem. They only made this model from ’01 to ’03 so there aren’t a lot of them out there. For a nicely appointed solid spruce dreadnought with the Baggs M-1 and a hardshell case, this is an excellent value at $329(HOLD-Mark D 2/2) or if you just want the guitar without a case or pickup, $215.


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