2004 Eden CXC112 Time Traveler with WT330 Head


Eden makes some of the best bass amplification around, falling between the mid-line SWR and high-end Aguilar gear. The choice of many studio pro’s and top touring acts, they make great touring amps, over 1000W, in various enclosures, all the way down to some small practice amps in their Nemesis series. The CXC112 is a lower powered amp compared to their World Tour series, but it doesn’t scrimp on features. One of the cool things I like about this amp is the cabinet design. At around 30″X15″X14″, it has a narrow design, but tall enough that you don’t have to bend down to adjust the controls. It’s perfectly tuned and the design makes the low end sound absolutely huge. With a 12″ LF driver and a horn, crossed-over at 4K ohms, it’s got plenty of thump, while retaining the high end clarity. Frequency response is 42Hz to 20KHz, which handles the lower notes of a 5/6 string with ease. It’s characterized as a warm, throaty mid-bass with good low end and a mellow upper register. A few of the features of the WT330 head, World Tour series, include 3-band EQ with the mids switchable from 550Hz to 2.2KHz, dbx-style compression, optically coupled dynamic booster system for bass and treble, an assortment of patch points, balanced DI output. The compressor on this amp is really impressive, and you can use it to smooth out the overall tone, or completely squish the sound, nearly down to zero output if turned all the way up, plus it’s much more quiet than most comp’s. The Enhancer adds sparkle to your tone and will make it stand out in the mix; I would never turn it off completely. They Dynamic Boost switches add a new twist and with the Bass switch engaged you get thundering lows that shake the windows, even at lower volume. On the back panel you have speaker outs – choice of Neutrik or 1/4″ pair; effects loops; tuner out that can act as an extra instrument send if desired; stereo Aux in/out; balanced recording out with XLR jack and level control plus ground lift switch. The cabinet is carpet covered with heavy duty side handles, a fan located on the side, and plastic corners. Although Eden says they would prefer a 4 or 8 ohm load, they also state that you can safely run the WT330 head down to 2 ohms. RMS output at 2 ohms is 420 watts; 330 at 4 ohms; or 200 at 8 ohms, as is the rating of the CXC112 cabinet. It’s Plenty of power for club gigs or if you need more, just add another cab and jack it up to 330. One of the cool things about this set up is that the WT330 can be removed and used with other cabinets, or by itself if you’re using it for a studio gig. The amp is in clean shape while the cabinet is in normal used condition with some carpet wear and two of the plastic corners are missing a small corner piece. Performance is perfect, pots have been cleaned and it sounds fantastic. If you’re looking for a fairly compact amp that’s equally at home in the club or studio, this set-up is hard to beat for $579, $100’s less than the new cost on the head alone.





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