2004 Ibanez SRX-500 Passive




Wonderful player and killer looks, and if you want a nice Soundgear bass but aren’t a fan of active electronics or like to have a 3-way selector, this one has been changed over to passive with installation of three CTS pots (volume, volume, tone) a 3-way selector in place of the volume, volume, bass, treb The stock pickups on these are passive so the only change was the circuit and I will add that these PFR (passive, full range) high output pickups are definitely quality pickups Other features include basswood body with flamed maple top, 3-piece maple neck with rosewood fretboard, high-mass Accu-cast bridge, pearl fret markers, and medium frets This bass has nice low action and the tone is remarkably nice for a bass in this price range Overall extremely clean except for a few scratches on the back Sells new for $479 but if you like passive electronics and a standard pickup selector, this one is made for your taste and just $329.





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