2008 Fender American Standard Telecaster Loaded Body w/upgrades,




NOTE: No neck included – I sold it back to original owner and I’m just now getting around to listing this great body. This one has received upgrades which players are frequently requesting including a pair of Texas Special pickups, Callaham bridgeand compensated brass saddles. The Callaham bridge ($125) is twice as thick as the stock Tele bridge, increasing sustain, volume, and unwanted feedback, Texas Special pickups ($159) offer increased output with increased mids and presence on the bridge, and warm clear tone on the neck. One of the “new” American Standards which replaced the “old” American Standard in ‘07. At every step in its evolution, Fender has made a number of minor improvements to the Tele which, collectively, combine to make a better guitar. If you already have a neck or have a favorite neck in mind, this is an easy finish. Just bolt on neck, string up (strings included) and it’s done. With the upgrades, this is a smoking deal on a beautiful body for just $550.


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