2013 Gibson ES-339 Traditional Pro Figured Top




Designed as an alternative to the ES-335, with a smaller body, no f-holes, and more tonal options, the 339 is a real joy to play.  If you’ve found the size of a 335 a bit ungainly, this guitar will be more comfortable, not much larger than a Les Paul or SG.  Its rounded symmetrical cutaways offer easy access to the upper frets and the Classic 57 neck and Super 57 bridge pickups are wired to push/push volume pots that enable coil-splits, plus there’s a 10dB user-adjustable boost on a push-push tone pot.  Being an active circuit, the 9V battery is accessed easily via a door on the back of the guitar.  The ES-339 features a mahogany body and arched, mildly figured, maple top with a solid maple center block to help reduce feedback and enhance sustain. The top is in a gloss finish, the back is satin, although this one is buffed out to a near full gloss on back as well.  This guitar has one finish touch-up (shown here) of a finish gouge which has been clear coated and buffed out.  The set up is spectacular and with the remarkable selection of tones, it’s one of the best players you’ll find. If you don’t mind a small blem, this is an excellent semi-hollow, with the back nicely buffed out, for just $1339.  Includes form fit custom shop case.


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