2013 Gibson SG Tribute Future Min-ETune – Vintage Sunburst




These are really nice SG’s for the money and we made one of them better by buffing out the entire guitar to a gloss finish. Martin removed all parts (pic) on body and headstock to do a proper job and get into the tight places. What we have now is an SG with all the sonic properties of a thin satin finish, but a luster that looks more like a gloss finish than satin. We only did one of them, and that one also has upgraded knobs and truss rod cover, but we can do one all stock if that’s your preference. My original description follows: I have to admit, although my tastes are generally traditional when it comes to guitar features, I’m pretty impressed with this new Min-Etune system (click here for demo). It’s a lot lighter than the older Robot system, tunes in just 3 seconds, is very accurate, and the internal lithium battery lasts for 80 to 100 tunings on just one charge. The bottom line is you’ll always have an in-tune guitar, and you’ll be able to switch to alternate tunings, like open D, quickly between songs. This SG Tribute features a glued-in mahogany neck with a new Asymmetrical profile, with rosewood fingerboard and trapezoid inlays. The neck features 24 medium-jumbo frets to allow playing a bit higher in the register. The Corian nut is cut by Plek machine to allow perfect string height at the nut. Pickups are some of my favorite by Gibson: a Classic ’57 Plus in the bridge(wound a bit hotter) and a Classic ’57 in the neck. These pickups sound good whether playing heavy crunch or searing leads, but they also clean up nicely for mellow tunes. The Mine-ETune system calls up any one of 12 factory or 6 user presets at a simple strum of the strings. One of these guitars we made two cosmetic changes to this guitar: The “Future” truss rod cover has been changed to a plain Gibson bell, and the original chrome Tele-style knobs have been changed to a vintage Gibson black domes. We can reinstall original parts upon request. This guitar is highly recommended for any player looking for a good quality SG without spending a fortune, or anyone who uses multiple tunings at a gig. These were store priced at $1099. I’m offering these in stock condition for $729, or with the entire guitar buffed out for $799. Ships in original Gibson box and includes Gibson gigbag, charger, wrench and all paperwork.


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