2018 Fender American Performer Precision Bass, with Fender Case NOS




A modern expression of the solidbody electric bass that started it all, Fender’s American Performer Precision Bass delivers the latest in US-made quality and value. A comfortable, ultra-fast modern C-shaped maple neck and lightweight, contoured alder body make the American Performer Precision Bass addictively playable. And it’s equipped with Fender’s powerful, punchy Yosemite P/J pickups and their amazing Greasebucket tone circuit that lets you roll off the highs without sacrificing volume or low-end grunt. Finished in one of Fender’s flashy new colors, the American Performer Precision Bass looks as good as it sounds.

This bass belongs to my Assistant Brian. This is a Chrisguitars2.com exclusive. He purchased this new at Drome Sound and it has never been used. He tells me he hasn’t plugged it in once. This is in dead mint condition and comes with the Fender Hardshell Flagship Case which sells for $219.00 by itself. These basses sell for $1249.00. With Pre Owned Penny Colored American Performer P’s selling for $1000.00, this is a great deal for one with New Fender Case (w/tags) at 1099.00. New this would cost $1468.00 plus taxes.


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