2018 Fender Yngwie Malmsteen Stratocaster



Have you wanted an Yngwie Strat but weren’t a fan of the scalloped fretboard? Here’s a mint condition 2018 Yngwie body, complete and all original, married to a fine 22-fret Warmoth non-scalloped neck. You remember Swedish virtuoso neo-classical shredder Yngwie Malmsteen. He was the fastest player back in the ’80s when speed was everything, but he was also tasteful and expressive when he wanted to be. His current model signature Strat features a set of Seymour Duncan STK-S10 YJM Fury pickups which are stacked humbuckers and noiseless, controlled by a vintage style 3-way switch. Middle tone knob controls the neck pickup while the bottom knob is a no-load pot that controls the bridge and middle. Neck is a top of the line Warmoth roasted maple neck with tall/medium stainless steel frets. It features the Warmoth compound radius that’s a fairly flat 10″ at the nut, flattening out to a very flat 16 at the 12th fret. Neck profile is their ’59 Round Back (.860/.960), similar to a ’59 Les Paul and the profile that’s most similar to a PRS. The neck is outfitted with Hipshot locking tuners, staggered height so no string tree required. Features of the Yngwie also include Vintage White finish with Nitrocellulose lacquer, American Vintage Synchronized Tremolo, aged plastic parts, and recessed Dunlop strap locks. Martin installed this neck and set it up with very comfortable action and it sounds fat but still Strat like somehow. If you want the Yngwie tone but don’t want the scalloped board or want stainless frets, this guitar is for you. New cost on these is $1749. Get this one in mint condition for just $1150. Includes original case, Fender certificate, manual, trem arm, strap locks, key and back plate (we will install if desired).


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