Alesis MEQ230 Dual 1/3-octave precision equalizer


One of the most popular EQ’s ever made, especially for home studios and club bands. More bang for the buck than any other graphic EQ ever made with two 30-band 1/3 octave EQ’s in a single rack space, yet costs less than many single-channel units. This precise EQ is engineered with proprietary Alesis technology that gives you more features and better audio performance than anything close to the price range. Features both RCA and 1/4″ in/outputs, signal and peak indicator as well as “in” and “power” LED’s for both channels, channel in/out buttons, and center-detented sliders at +/- 12dB. Manual available here for download. These cost a couple hundred back in the 90’s and are the best bargain today for a quality, good quality EQ. This one’s in beautiful shape with original power supply – for just $69.


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