Audio-Technica ATM33A Condenser Mic



From AT’s Artist Series, this is one nice condenser. With all the budget Chinese mics on the market a good quality condenser can get lost in the shuffle but if you do an A/B comparison with MXL’s, CAD, etc., the difference is clear: The Japan-made ATM33a is more accurate, with no audible distortion, and less handling noise. Recommended for acoustic guitar, percussion, overheads, and vocals, and equally at home in both studio and stage applications. It has outstanding linearity both on- and off-axis and handles high sound pressure levels superbly for mics in its class. It operates on both phantom power or via internal AA battery (no searching around for a whacko $8 battery from the photo store). Appears to have seen very little use with no scratches or wear and ships in original box with windscreen and manual. This sold new for $199 and is an excellent value, barely used, at $99.


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