BBE Acoustimax Acoustic Instrument Preamp



Excellent studio or stage tool to tweak your acoustic tone, while providing BBE processing to your tone. I could write a 500-word essay trying to describe the BBE process but just know that it makes your guitar sound crisper, cleaner, with each note sounding more distinct, while making your guitar “jump” out of the mix if desired. Here’s a simple video recorded direct, and with the BBE on, using no EQ’ing, just the BBE. The Acoustimax has a 3-band recording-console-quality EQ with sweepable mid and low frequency notch filter, as well as phase reversal, ground lift, line level out, dedicated tuner out, TRS effects loop, and a pre/post switchable DI output with pad. This adds up to a unit that shines in both the studio or stage. This unit lists for $392, selling well discounted to $199. This one’s mint in the box for $125.


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