BBE Frequency Boost Vintage Treble Boost



True Bypass – fresh in the box with manual and power supply! Like the Clean Boost above, this is a very simple pedal to use but in addition to boosting your signal, it also colors it in a way that’s supposed to emulate one of the classic 60’s pedals, the Dallas Rangemaster. It adds sustain plus a fatter overdriven tone, specifically fattening up the mid-range while tightening up the bass. Like the Clean Boost it’s built to last, with a metal case, heavy duty switch, and non-slip rubber bottom. Other features include hardwire bypass, single op-amp design, LED operation indicator, and an easy-access 9V battery compartment. Click here for Harmony-Central, where this pedal scored 9.2 overall in 9 reviews. With a $149 list price, a good value at $49.95, which is $35 less than online price.Multiples available.





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