BBE Orange Squash Vintage Compressor



These were recently replaced with the “Benchpress” Vintage Compressor but it’s still an excellent compressor. True Bypass – fresh in the box with manual and power supply! Formerly called the “Main Squeeze” and a circuit based on the vintage Dan Armstrong “Orange Squeezer”, although with more adjustment than the original which just had an on/off switch. It does what a compressor is designed to do – and does it extremely well – levels-out louder signals while boosting lower signals to provide a smooth sustain with little to no discernable change to your original tone. Click here and here for Harmony-Central, where it received all “10” reviews. With a $215 list price, the newer BBE Compressor is selling in stores for $149.99. This model has one less knob but sounds just as good and is around 1/2 the price at just $79.99. Multiples available.



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