Boss RV-5 Digital Reverb,



Thought by many to be the best digital reverb made, at least in stomp box form. Sounds as 90% as good as the finest rackmount units at 1/10th the price. Following the RV-2 and RV-3, the RV-5 is the newest and most powerful of Boss’ popular RV series with six of Boss’ best reverbs in an all-new stereo effects pedal. New reverbs include convincing spring reverb emulation and a high-quality gate reverb, plus an all-new Modulate mode for spacious detuned reverb sounds. One of the cool things about this reverb is the “Time” control, which lets you adjust the reverb decay. You can use a thick wash of spring reverb, for instance, but unlike most amps, which turn into a big mush, you can set it to 1 second or so. There are a bunch of YouTube demo’s; Click Here and take your pick. New these are $149 but this nice used one’s just $99.


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