ca. 1951 Gretsch New Yorker 16″ Acoustic Archtop,



“As is” special! Can’t be set up with low action without some serious neck work so I’m offering this “as is” for the slide player or someone who plays only cowboy chords (see action at 12th fret above). Other than the action, this guitar is quite intact without extraneous rattles and no breaks, with a cool “Blind Willie Lemon” tone that’s well suited for delta blues. I don’t know a lot about this model other than it has rather austere cosmetics for a Gretsch, with a painted on logo but it does feature a bound neck and body, and block fretboard inlays. Fretboard is Brazilian rosewood, which is a cool feature any day, and what appears to be original tortoise pickguard. Finish has a wonderfully aged patina, typical with nitro finishes including nicely yellowed binding that’s in remarkably nice shape for a 50’s Gretsch and worn away to bare wood over the back of the neck. Serial 4779 stamped inside F-hole which should date it to ’51. I’m into it for $400 and after talking to my luthier it’s not going to be cost effective to make it a killer Spanish style player thus it’s offered as is for $450.


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