ca. ’60-’63 Fender Concert Brownface – LOT!!!.



(Selling as a lot of 5 only). Eleven years ago I bought these from a collector in Maryland. Yet another year has passed and I’ve never had the spare time to go through each one and sort out the specifics as far as replaced components and performance. I tested each one when I bought them and all of them do work. A few sounded great, while others sounded like they needed filter caps or possibly more. You can expect a range of originality and condition, for example, one of them is missing the back panel, replaced with a piece of uncovered plywood. Another one has two added switches for speaker select (all 4 speakers, 2 speakers, or one speaker). Some have replaced speakers. I am NOT looking to sell any of these individually as it could be another 11 years before I dedicate a day or two to go through them. I AM looking for a collector or dealer who wants a cool brownface Concert collection. Maybe ask a few buddies if they want to team up for a group purchase. If I were to list these individually they would be $1300 to $2300, I’m guessing with very little bench time required to get them all up to spec. Here’s the deal: $1300/each X 5 = $6500(HOLD-Pat M 4/2+5M) takes ’em all. Price takes into account the range of condition and performance so I’m not open to dropping the price. Since 5 large amps are involved, it should be worth the time for you to make the drive which is desirable since I’m not looking to ship them. In closing I’d like to say that
I’m not selling them individually.  Also, I am looking for a local pickup by the buyers or a freight company who can safely transport them. Did I mention that I’m only selling them as a lot.


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