ca.’84 Scholz SR&D Bass Rockman




Shortly after release of the popular Rockman X-100, came the Bass Rockman, especially designed to meet the needs of bassists I used one of these in the mid-80’s, both on stage and in the studio, and I’m quite a fan of their tone. They feature a quality analog chorus, 2 clean settings, distortion setting, Fat-Bright-Mid EQ settings, High Frequency Clip and Comp switches, Sustain level switch, Hi/Lo volume setting as well as a Gain dial on back, 1/8″ stereo headphone/line out pair, and an Aux Input/Low Level Out 1/4″ jack You can hook these up to a guitarists Rockman and get some great tones on a “silent” jam. Quiet enough for the studio and on stage adds fatness and a pretty good vintage bass distortion for your Cream songs. Works perfectly and $60 lower than it sold for back in the 80’s at just $139. (Note: If you just need a nice headphone amp, I have the Rockman Bass Ace on my Effects page for $45)



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