Category 5 Ivan Combo 1X12 and 1X10 w/Flight Case



Hand-made in Texas, Category 5 is among the best builders of boutique amps on the market today. Category 5 got their start by building touring artists incredibly reliable amps that deliver the vintage tones that they wanted, letting them keep their expensive but fragile vintage amps at home or in the studio. They were able to get the vintage tones without the breakdowns plus yielding more modern features. With a pair of 6V6’s in the power section (and 5 preamp tubes, 12AU7, 12AX7, 12AT7) it yields the normal 22 watts, but that’s infinitely adjustable via the front panel Voltage knob which is a Variac voltage output level controller. Some players will likely prefer just to set it and forget it but it’s really capable of delivering a variety of tones at any volume level. Regardless of the Voltage, these amps are extremely interactive, with a different feel to them than nearly any amp made. There are a tone of amps built to sound like the classic Fenders, most at cheaper cost, but no amp is built to be more durable than these. The Ivan uses vintage Fenders as a jumping off point but it’s so much more. It features two unique channels, one based on a Fender Blackface era, the other more of an earlier Brown era Fender. Channel One features Volume and Tone while Channel Two has Volume, Treb, Mid, and Bass. The two share an extremely lush Reverb as well as the Voltage control. Back panel features an effects loop, recording line out with level control, 4/8/16 ohm speaker out, and Reverb on/off jack (switch not included). The speakers are a 10″ and 12″ Jensen Neo. They’re web site is a work in progress but you can check them out on Facebook. Here are two demos of the Ivan with a Les Paul (clean and dirty) but just know that it sounds at least as good with single coils as heard in this live gig with Samantha Fish (link) playing through an Ivan. Other users of these amps include Joe Bonamassa and Warren Haynes, among others. It should be noted at 10% of our Cat5’s gross sales go to a number of charities, which is part of the reason why their model names are hurricanes or national disasters. This amp is in lovely condition having seen only limited home use only. This is a very special amp in terms of features, build quality and tone. The guy I got it from paid $3300 and I would guess around $475 for the Kangaroo ATA/road case so this is a pretty sweet deal on an extremely clean top-quality amp at $2200. Includes and will ship in the flight case shown which was made specifically for this amp.


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