Custom “Relic” Strat – Teal Metallic Nitro – Flamed Neck w/Quality Electronics



Looking for a great Strat for less than a new Mex? This is a very cool looking, excellent playing Strat with some vintage appeal but modern sound, courtesy of EMG SA active pickups with the quick-disconnect wires – has the vintage look but the quiet performance of EMG’s. It’s a pro-refinished body, the origins are unknown but it’s a lacquer finish in Teal Metallic. Likewise, the neck had no distinctive markings other than a smeared red stamp near the butt. It’s obviously a quality neck regardless, with very nice flame on the fretboard, back of the neck, and headstock. Tuners are DiMarzio, vintage style with nickel buttons and one string tree. Good quality tremolo with cast steel saddles and heavy trem block as well as Dunlop locking strap pins. The trem appears blocked in the pic but we’ve removed the wood so it works normally now. The original builder used some random fretboard “wear” so we went ahead and put wear marks in the normal spots so it looks more realistic. The body has a few minor flaws and looks more like a Closet Classic, i.e. not aged to any degree. With a new Roadworn going for $900, this one is as good for 1/2 the price. $450 includes quality Chris’s Guitars gigbag.


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