Custom Strat/Tele Hybrid by Nate’s Relic Guitars



Never heard of Nate before but he does some pretty cool stuff, most notably his highly distressed bodies. Made of pine from reclaimed barn wood, it has a mellow tone and a vibe like no other. Look at the pics to get an idea. There are even a few band saw cuts deep into the wood and they’re ancient cuts, not factory done. The cert claimed Fender pickups but they were cheaper ceramic magnet pickups so we installed a set of American Standards which sound much better. Nate didn’t provide info on the rest of the hardware or electronics but it’s all decent quality. Control plate is installed Nashville style to allow your pinky to reach the volume pot for volume swells. What appears to be a crack on back of headstock is nothing more than a lacquer gouge, added to look old. No cracks in the neck. The guitar looks cool, plays good and sounds good. If you’re looking for maximum Pinecaster vibe, here you go. $439. Includes black pickguard which we’ll include with the guitar.


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