Dean Markley West Coast La Jolla Active Acoustic Guitar Pickup System



Very good sounding complete active unit, with soundhole pickup plus under-saddle transducer, and preamp built into the end-pin jack. The La Jolla Active pickup system perfectly unites the Gold River Accelerator Jack with two world-class pickups, the Dean Markley Tahoe magnetic sound-hole pickup and the Barstow Gold-Plated transducer pickup. The Barstow transducer pickup is connected to a discrete Class A preamp housed inside the Gold River Accelerator Jack. The Tahoe (a passive pickup needing no preamp) is wired to the passive channel of the Gold River, going directly to your amplifier system. This specially designed Gold River Accelerator Jack increases headroom, expands tone and output, and is completely internal. We have several of these in stock which we’re using as an affordable mod to transform any of our acoustics. With a list price of $259 but we can install these on any acoustic in stock for $150, including parts and labor.


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