Dr. Z Mazerati GT Head


Who does’t love Dr Z’s, the ultimate in simplicity and pure tone that’s characterized by their smooth overdrive, tight bass, and quiet operation, even at full volume. One of the main characteristics of the GT, even more than other Dr Z’s, is it’s interaction with a guitar’s volume control. Crank up the amp and go from full tube saturation to clean and articulate by rolling back your volume. Guys like Brad Paisley, who could easily opt for any type of high tech gain device, rely on this simple method of voicing their amp. The distortion never gets muddy or too fuzzy, just a very fat, with plenty of harmonics. From what I understand, this newer GT model is a major revamp of the original Mazerati, which was essentially a Ghia with double the output (4 EL84’s instead of the Ghia’s two). The GT is voiced for much more gain, providing more of the singing quality players love about Z’s. Players compare the tone to Trainwrecks so it isn’t surprising that the GT uses the time tested output transformer designed for us by Trainwreck’s own Ken Fischer. Cranky out 38 watts, the GT utilizes two 12AX7s, a quad of EL84s, and a 5AR4 rectifier. The GT is cathode biased so output tube changes are a breeze. With just a volume and tone you won’t get lost in a futile attempt to dial in a perfect tone. Perfect tone is its preset. There are outputs for 4/8/16 ohms so it’s compatible with any cab you want to use. Also, this one is a 10th anniversary model, with a commemorative badge on the top. Here’s a good thread on The Gear Page (link) devoted to the GT and YouTube demo’s here and a list here. If you’re looking for incredible amounts of touch dynamics, in the highest gain amp Dr. Z has ever produced, this amp’s for you. New price was $1649 but this one’s mint and just $1149



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