Electro-Voice EV PL-80 Supercardiod Dynamic Mics



Back in the mid-80’s at Hotlicks we sold almost as many PL-80’s as we did Shure SM-58’s. At the time the USA made 58’s were $119; the PL-80 was $80, and many who did an A/B test liked the 80 better. Since that time EV has come out with some other versions of the 80 such as the PL80C and the Chinese PL80a, but these old USA models are some of the most roadworthy mics ever made. Decidedly, these aren’t the most sexy looking mics ever made, but we usually don’t buy mics based on looks. With its hypercardioid pattern and an extended range that exceeds most dynamic mics, it’s excellent for vocals but also performs well on snare drum, guitar cabinet, and acoustic guitar. I’ve got a pair of these (maybe three) for $59/each, or a pair for $100.



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