Fender Bass Amp


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(Bass guitar pictured is sold but the amp’s in stock). Looking for something a cut above a beginner package with a 15-watt amp? This Fender Rumble 75 with special design 12″ speaker will shake your pant legs and can actually keep up with a drummer. It features a full-feature preamp, a vented cabinet for enhanced bass response, and tilt back design which lets you choose to “aim” your sound straight out, or up toward your head. It also has a good sounding overdrive effect via gain and blend controls (footswitchable or manual), designed specifically for bass register. The Punch and Scoop preset EQ shapes can be dialed in for finger and slap style tones while a 4-band active EQ with delta comp compression circuitry smoothes out your tone. A line out is included for direct recording or live use, and it also features a headphone jack for silent jamming and practicing. You can practice to CD/MP3 music, tape or drum machines, via the Aux in jack. Get this great starter/intermediate amp for $199.


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