Fuchs Lucky 7 Head – Purple




I get a lot of requests for hand-wired low-power amps, as more and more players are becoming informed about tube amps. Quite simply, a tube amp that’s cranked, with the power tubes running hot sounds a lot better than a higher powered amp running at lower volume, getting the preamp distortion by cranking up the gain. More players are doing studio work out of the home, where a 50-watt tube amp will alert the entire neighborhood that you’re recording a new track. The Lucky 7 is the perfect amp for studio’s, back stage, or even clubs if mic’d and run through the house system. The output is a very nice, and deceptively loud, 7 watts via a single EL34 tube – or change to a 6V6 (no user biasing required) to lower it to 5 watts. The Lucky 7 has the high build quality and awesome tone of Fuchs’ bigger amps, although in a more affordable price range. It’s based on a dual 12AX7 preamp stage and a unique single ended 7-watt EL-34 fixed bias output stage. The Lucky 7 also has a full compliment of flexible tone controls to tweak your tone. This amp has a remarkable amount of clean headroom before distorting into a sweet, decidedly rock, overdrive. Voiced like its bigger siblings the Train 45 (which I just sold) and Blackjack 21, the Lucky 7 has a classic rock voice similar to a vintage Marshall or Trainwreck, with a cutting rock edge that’s filled with harmonic richness and chime. The circuit design also is attenuator friendly – it has a preamp stage designed to allow clean-to-mean from the guitar volume control. The chassis is aircraft grade aluminum with an internal construction of mixed PC board and hard wired. The preamp tubes and power supply circuitry are on the circuit card, while the power tubes and transformer are mounted direct to the chassis. Single point grounding keeps it free of hum at all levels. Other features include: ¾ solid wood cabinet with durable tolex covering, anodized aluminum chassis with long-lasting silk screened labeling, heavy duty Cliff brand jacks, solid metal shaft Alpha potentiometers ultra-long-life neon pilot lamp and heavy duty AC power switch, and simple user adjustable fixed bias. Again, output is 7 or 5 watts (EL34 of 6V6), into 4 or 8 ohms. For full specs and sound clip, click here for Fuch’s site or here for several YouTube demo’s. The Lucky 7 head in purple sells for $1114, with no discounts that I’ve seen. This one is barely used in extremely nice shape, for $799(SOLD Duke T 11/14).



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