Gibson GA-5 Les Paul Junior Amp




5-watt lil’ screamer! Oh man, what a monster this baby is. If you’re looking for an overdriven tube tone for practice or studio, this could be just what you’re looking for. Very little clean tones – starts to break up around “3” and around “5” it achieves what most amps achieve wide open. Turn the knob past 5 and you get more saturation at every number, unlike some amps where there is little difference between initial break-up and full volume. I am very impressed with this one and hat’s off to Gibson for coming up with a reissue that’s even cooler than the original. Not a cheap amp, but comparable to most of the boutique Champ clones in that it’s hand-built with point-to-point solder – with single-ended Class A circuit with an EL84 power and a 12AX7 preamp. Excellent sounding 8″ “special design” Goldtone speaker with hardwood cabinet covered in cream tolex. Looks good inside with a polished chrome chassis and a remarkably large power transformer (pic2). Other than 3 small nicks in the tolex in back (shown here), flawless cosmetics. Every studio needs an amp like this and with a list price on new of $1150, this one’s just $429. Ships in original box with manual. For Gibson’s specs, click here. Note: I have this identical amp except in yellow tolex, also made by Mojotone (pic here) on my amps page for $399.



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