Ibanez EDB400 Ergodyne Bass




Looks blue in the pics but the color is actually dark purple. The Ergodyne series has long been one of the best selling basses on my site. They set up extremely well and, as the name would imply, they are designed with ergonomics in mind One of the most comfortable basses to strap on and play. Has a very deep belly cut (pic) and all the body contours are designed for comfort and easy access to the fretboard. Features include slender 2-octave maple neck offers fast and easy fretwork, strong passive pickups and active PHAT tone circuitry with one-knob control to boost the perfect balance of highs and lows, Basswood body with Maple neck. For the money, you’re not going to beat this bass. Forget about a P or a J, unless you like one tone – this one does a lot more Just $279, set up to perfection and ready to rumble.



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