Laney Pro Tube 30 Head,


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Laney’s highly-regarded AOR (Advanced Overdrive Response) series from the 80’s, when British amps were still made in England. The Pro Tube 30 is the baby of the AOR Series, next to the 50 and 100, rated at 30, 50, and 100 watts respectively. The 30 was also the only one that used 6V6 power tubes, rather than EL34’s. They were rather innovative in their use of an extra gain stage, basically a factory hot-rodded amp at the time, without the additional cost of getting a tech to mod it for you. They also featured Boost functions on Bass, Mid, and Treble, via push-pull pots. The bass is a remarkable 18dB from my recollection, with around 10dB on the Mid, and around 12dB on the Treb. Tubes are JJ 6V6’s, with four Groove Tubes 12AX7’s in the preamp. Front panel features (L-R) Presence, Bass, Mid, Treb, Master Vol., and Preamp Vol. Back panel features and effects loop, D.I. output for recording, and 16/8 ohm impedance selector. Laney’s are excellent rock amps, especially with players who can’t get enough bottom end. They’re made to last and although it’s around 25 years old, it should be around for another 25+. A good price for a British-made tube head at $325.


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